We offer psychotherapy for:

  • Trauma/Sexual Abuse: Trauma can impact your life on every level. Therapy can facilitate healing the most vulnerable wounds.
  • EMDR Therapy: A powerful tool to heal the effects of trauma and self destructive patterns in your life.
  • Writing for healing: Writing can offer an outlet for difficult feelings. It’s a way to understand yourself through creativity.
  • Depression: Depression can affect every area of your life. It’s hard to heal alone.
  • Anxiety: Are you plagued with worry or paralyzed by your fears? Therapy can offer solutions.
  • Relationship Counseling: Are you longing for more intimacy? Do you need help with conflict in your current relationship?
  • Self Esteem: We all know what this is but the question is how to have more.
  • Eating Disorders/Body Image: Do you feel out of control with food? Are you obsessed with how eating affects your appearance?
  • Grief: Grief can be complicated and traumatic. It can take you by surprise with its power.