Many people long to stop overeating. Yet when food is a main source of comfort and pleasure,  just wanting to stop often doesn’t work. What is as convenient, comforting and soothing as food?  Even when you know overeating has its negative and destructive consequences, it is hard to stop. Finding the right alternative support, nurturing and comfort is a huge challenge when there is such a dependency on food. Stopping compulsive overeating can be done but it is complicated. It can be easy to think it’s simple to stop and then attack yourself when you do the same old destructive behavior. Developing healthy eating habits is a process. Understanding the feelings underlying the overeating, finding the right external support and activities to replace the focus on food and being compassionate to oneself in making changes – all help.
Radical compassionate self-care in the most positive way is a key to recovery from compulsive overeating.


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