Women’s Therapy Services offers therapy for women by women therapists who have years of experience working with women.  Women often prefer therapy with women psychotherapists because they can feel more understood, just naturally and with that, more safety.  Women can recognize in each other the deep desire to be seen and understood.  Sometimes when a woman works with a female therapist , a deep trusting bond can be formed. When a relationship is especially nurturing and supportive , it is possible to move forward and make choices that lead to greater empowerment.  At Women’s Therapy Services,  there are compassionate, experienced women therapists who have been working with women for decades on areas of tremendous vulnerability including childhood trauma, depression, grief and loss.

A common issue that comes up for some women is an insecurity about themselves.  This insecurity can affect women across the board – successful, professional women to nurturing, loving mothers to women of all ages in their intimate relationships.  Doubts can come up about a range of feelings, competency, body image and self-worth.  So many women ask themselves: Am I good enough?  Is  something wrong with me to feel this way?  In the psychotherapy process, these issues are addressed and fully understood by women therapists experienced in dealing with the depths of vulnerability.

With therapy, women can learn to fully trust themselves, have greater self-acceptance, and be more able to take risks in life to get more of what they want in work, family and relationships.  Having more choices can lead to more inner peace, happiness and fulfillment.




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