Which comes first?  – Experiencing depression which makes you want to drink ,  or drinking and then feeling depressed from the effects of alcohol.  The cause and effect relationship between drinking and depression may be quite confusing.  People often do drink more when they are depressed – to numb the emotional pain and  to escape life’s problems.  Alcohol however is basically a depressant so eventually after an initial high the very real physiological effects of alcohol will actually bring you down.  Along with that, sometimes the unpleasant consequences of drinking too much – causing trouble at work or in relationships- add to the depression.  It may take outside help to sort out  how to get out of this unhealthy cycle – with both the drinking and depression feeding each other.   Speaking to someone you trust like a knowledgeable friend or going to a professional counselor or therapist can help to shed light on these issues and offer some positive solutions. A therapist can aid in evaluating what kind of help would best address your particular circumstances.   The bottom line is to acknowledge that  you need help  and then ask for it…. There is  treatment  for depression as well as drinking problems.


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