When you look at all the ways that trauma can affect you well into adulthood, the question arises – can this trauma ever be completely healed??? This is especially true when considering how early childhood trauma impacts you on so many levels like self-esteem, basic trust and intimacy.  This question is reflective of the deep feelings of hopelessness, despair and anger that naturally arise in the journey towards health.  Healing can feel slow and uncomfortable – almost like an acknowledgement of a lifetime of accumulated pain .

So, can trauma in women ever be completely healed?  As a therapist working with clients in recovery from trauma,  I have seen healing occur and despair change to hope.  Each person’s journey in recovery is unique to their story.  Trauma wounds require looking into with an eye of compassion.  Gentleness and kindness facilitate healing.  Sometimes the scars heal over completely and where the vulnerability once was, there is new resiliency and strength.   Sometimes there remains a vulnerable place that requires care and protection.  Learning coping strategies that protect and buffer that soft or weaker spot all aid in the road to getting healthier.  Support is important so making contact with others who have healed their traumas can serve as inspiration and encouragement along the healing path.




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