When grief recovery is complicated by the circumstances of loss that are traumatic, then the healing process can be harder and take more time.  Trauma is an event that overwhelms us sometimes physically, mentally and psychologically, so that we can’t process it.  The very nature of grief and loss can be traumatic. But there are particular circumstances that send us reeling in confusion and shock.  When the loss of a loved one is unexpected like in a terrible accident, suicide or sudden illness, then we are completely unprepared for what we have to deal with.  Sometimes the images of suffering and deterioration that we experience as perhaps taking care of a loved one at the end of their life, may be traumatic and stay in our minds in a haunting and painful way.  When the loss is unexpected and there was no opportunity to say goodbye, it can feel very hard to move on in any way. The impact of all this can feel devastating and we wonder how we will recover.  Post-traumatic stress disorder has its own symptoms and treatments.

Grief recovery and trauma may sometimes requires special attention.  It seems grief always takes longer than we might want to accept but with the traumatic aspect, we may need even more time and some additional support.  When it effects us physically with anxiety symptoms that impair the ability to work, to sleep or eat, seeing a doctor for an evaluation for medication may be needed. Some people prefer to  go to a therapist who is well versed in dealing with grief.  Also as an EMDR therapist, I find EMDR therapy to be an especially effective therapeutic tool for trauma recovery. EMDR therapy for grief  uses particular resources that are especially powerful for healing  Joining a support group for grief recovery can be  invaluable and a tremendous source of support. Speaking to others who have been through grief and gotten to the  other side of it can inspire you to seek what you need to feel yourself again.




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