In Grapefruit, A book of instructions and drawings, published in 2000, Yoko Ono writes:

Whisper Piece
a) Whisper. Ask the wind to take it to
the end of the world.
b) Whisper to the clouds. Ask them to remember
c) Whisper what happened that day to the
reeds. Weave a pair of sandals with them and
send it to a friend.
d) Whisper all your secrets to a tree.
Make a guitar out of it and send it to a
e) Whisper a secret to a young tree. Make a
chair out of it and send it to a man.
f) Whisper your name to a stone. Send it to
a stranger.
g) whisper the first word that came to you
to a person next to you.

1961 Spring

(Copyrighted material used for educational and therapeutic purposes only)

Writing ideas:
What would you like to whisper and to whom?
What do you want to make out of that?
See if you can allow yourself to play with your words and allow whatever wants to jump onto the page. Your imagination is a powerful tool, and can teach you a lot about yourself.

Please of course send your writing in response to this post.


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