What really matters to you at the holidays?  Do you have a goal or intention for yourself
or do you wait for the new year to make resolutions?  Why not start early and give think about the difference between an intention and a resolution. An intention is a guide and a connection to your deeper self.  A resolution is a goal and can feel pressured and hard to live up to (as you have probably experienced).

Going back to what really matters to you at the holidays… Is it love and connection with family and friends?  Or finding the right gifts that are special and well thought out?  Is it the chance to eat foods that are special and significant to celebrating?  Is it the winter season and seeing the days grow short, then start to lengthen?  Is it watching football and going to the movies?  Is it the memories of other holiday times?

Or, if you are struggling with stress and anxiety, an addiction, an illness, or depression,
then what really matters to you at the holidays?  How do you find something to hold onto to soothe and comfort you in a healing way?  What if you don’t feel close to your family or you just had a falling out with a good friend or a partner?  What is someone you love died and you are grieving? The list goes on.  You might be struggling with an eating disorder and hate your body. Or you might be in the middle of a drug addiction with no visible way out.  You might be afraid of bad things happening or making the wrong decision.  You might be in a financial mess or not able to find a job.

Maybe the question for you is what matters in general, or maybe you are looking for a way to find something positive during the holiday season.  Rather than give you tips or suggestions I want to leave you with this question and hope that it will take you to something, perhaps an image or a few words that will offer you some hope.

What really matters to you at the holidays or in general?

Please send your comments.  I hope to hear from you.


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