How often do you find yourself feeling just okay with what is? Often, when involved in a healing process it seems important to push towards the goal. For example, with an eating disorder, there is “work” to do each day to find the balance of permission and loving limits each time you eat. If you are journaling, or working on your relationship with your family, there is time to set aside, and processing that can happen.

Sometimes, in the midst of intention and life’s goals, I think it is helpful to rest with what is. Living is always about transitions, large, or part of every day life. In the midst of all that changes, you could find one thing that is okay just as it stands in this moment. It could be something as small as hearing the sounds of children playing in the playground next door, or as large as the absence of a physical or emotional pain you didn’t notice because it wasn’t nagging at you.

These personal check-ins can be as short as a minute or two, or as long as you feel comfortable with. If you believe as I do that self soothing is one of the most important skills to learn, then give this a try. And let me know how it works.


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